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Snowboards FAQs

What are the latest developments in snowboard video games?

The Nintendo Wii system has a new snowboard video game that has received critical acclaim. It is called Shaun White Snowboarding. While other videogame platforms have this same title, the Wii system has received particular acclaim because it makes use of a balance board to make the simulation seem real.

What are the best times of year to get a good deal on snowboard equipment?

Many shows and expos take place before winter starts. This is a good opportunity to buy a package for a good price. Also, look for deals on the day after Christmas if Christmas shopping has not been robust. Finally, good prices can be found at the end of the season if the weather has not been good for snowboarding and retailers have to move equipment from their shelves quickly.

Can some equipment be used for both skiing and snowboarding?

Although gear like boots and bindings cannot be used for both sports, some apparel can be worn for both skiing and snowboarding. The only difference between ski jackets and snowboarding jackets are superficial and deal with style. In fact, both jackets can even be used in the city for everyday wear. Also, goggles and gloves can be used in both sports.

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